Jaipur to cities 100 km away

Below we have a list of tourist and business cities which are under 100 km radius from Jaipur and we offer taxi service to all these cities.

So if you are interested to visit any of them, then click on the link at every trip details to view taxi fare & other details for that particular city.


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Founded by Kishan Singh in 16th century, Kishangarh is famous for schools of miniature paintings and textile mills and marble factories. The place is filled with warm and energetic people. The best time to travel is from october to march which includes the mighy celebration of Vinayak Chaturthi, Deepavali and Holi. Nihal chand, master of kishangarh, designed the famous 'Bani Thali'. Kishangarh hosts the only temple in the world which is "Temple of nine planets".